Global Business Institute

About the Global Business Institute of Management & Leadership GBIML

Global Institute of Business Management and Leadership

GBIML is 100% South African Black owned (Level 1 BBBEE) training institute, in the process of being accredited by Services Seta and the Council for Higher Education (CHE). We are a management and leadership training institute and management consulting company, where theory meets practice. We have a network of well-known professors from different academic fields that, together with consultants, who jointly develop innovative programmes, procedures and new approaches, enhancing current procedures or solving organisation’s challenges.

Our Purpose

We support the new paradigm of character-based leadership and management that will result in stronger institutions and a stronger society, that is fairer, more humane and, whose leaders are legitimately concerned about the environment. We challenge leaders to act responsibly in their organisations and to act responsibly in society. We believe change can only happen with authentic and caring leadership that is knowledgeable, ethical and value-driven.

Society will benefit from value-driven organisations and leaders, with vision and purpose beyond their own needs and interests. Our values are: ethical and responsible leadership, integrity, courage, transparency, respect for and celebration of diversity and the individual as the agent of change.

Strategic Partnerships

In order to deliver on our strategic objectives, GBIML takes the partnership / joint ventures approach with carefully selected associates who are aligned with GBIML’s values and teaching methodologies. These partnerships form a critical part of our value chain and enables us to deliver on the exact needs of our clients.

Experience and Expertise

GBIML provides experts in the fields of leadership, strategy, management, finance, project management, change management, cultural integration, high performance teams, marketing and branding, sales, talent management, mentoring and innovation and creativity as well as entrepreneurship and who have a passion for value-driven, character-based leadership.

How we differentiate ourselves

We deliver our programme using a learning methodology, which is different from other institutions – we are far more experiential in nature and focused on action learning. All of our programs commence with a session on the Intelligentsia Confluent Quotient (ICQ) model developed by M Sanchez Aragú, adapted from D. Goleman and S. Covey. The session addresses Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Cultura, Environmental and Physical intelligence. In addition to have impact, we rely less on lectures that are class model and more on discovery-based and action learning – which allows delegates to learn by doing, as well as by experiencing for themselves.

Development Archetype

Our programmes are designed to empower individuals, leaders and managers with the knowledge, values and ethics that will empower them to build a more equitable and sustainable future. Integrated Development is achieved through:
Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) + Emotional Intelligence (EQ) + Spiritual and Social (SSQ) + Cultural Intelligence (CQ) + Environmental Intelligence + Physical Intelligence (PQ) = Integrated Sustainable Development and Adaptability Intelligence.

Programme offerings

Our suite of management, leadership development and project management programmes provide a pragmatic approach to management, enabling the alignment of culture with strategy. In addition to the core GBIML’s credit and non-credit bearing programmes and courses, our model will involve the reflective inquiry technique, enabling leaders to develop first from within and then go on to lead and inspire their organisations with a consistent business vision. Programmes hereunder can be customised up to 30% according to clients’ requirements and retain the SAQA program accreditation.